Kora Inspiration | 500kms Ride from Pokhara

Kathmandu Kora  Cycling Challenge has become a platform for every kind of riders to take a challenge in every possible way. Riding a unicycle to 7 year old kid taking a challenge of 50k in Kora 2016. Most of the rider has gone beyond their limit or broken personal record during the challenge.

Similar inspirations come from all over the nation that we cannot wait to share with the riding community.

Mr. Lok Thapa who is 53 years old had come all the way from Pokhara in his bike riding 200kms to participate in Kora 2016. He set off his ride on Friday morning, riding 200+kms to Kathmandu and took a challenge to ride 100k the next day. Without any sign of tiredness in his face and energetic as it is, he completed 100k and went back to Pokhara next day riding 200kms again.

We cannot imagine his energy level how he could ride 500+kms in just three days consecutively at his age! Wow! He is someone who we need to get inspired and motivated.

He is back again for 100k this year in Kora 2017.