The KORA CAUSE | Why it is important?

Every year the KORA has a particular cause that we try to raise funds for. Over the years, we have donated to schools, orphanages, and then for five years in a row, worked in health – specifically women health – helping upgrade facilities in Rukum and build facilities in Baitadi and Dolakha.

This year, we are looking to serve CYCLING through cyclists. Bungamati and Khokana were devastated by the earthquake. One way to bring reconstruction with pride would be to bring cycling tourism in.

Accordingly, earlier this year the Bungamati Trails Initiative was born – a group of nine committee members from different clubs in Bungamati committed to work on this initiative. The plan – maintain and mark out all trails around the area to make it easy for riders, all categories to come enjoy the trails in Bungamati and Khokana. Bringing cycling tourism to help raise income levels in this beautiful area and preserving the rich cultural heritage and allowing locals to reconstruct with pride! Your contribution of course make a difference. Tag, share this to your friends and family and raise Rs. 100 for each km you ride during the Kora.