Free Membership with Nepal Cycling Association

Claim your free membership with Nepal Cycling Association when you register for Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2017.

The process is simple – if you have registered for Kora 17 (if you haven’t then follow, visit our office in Thamel at Tridevi Marg (opp. Himalayan Bank) with your printed registration ticket. Remember the ticket has to be printed and signed by registered rider himself. Present the ticket to one of our team members who will provide you with a temporary membership card with your name and kora 17 registration number. You are done!! You are officially a proud member of Nepal Cycling Association.

Furthermore, if you have collected or wish to contribute for Bungamati Trails, please come along with your contribution too. Your contribution is very important to us to built and maintain cycling trail in Bungamati Khokana area for yourself, riders and cycling tourism.

Being a member of NCA, you will be offered with lots of benefits and privileges. Please visit their website for details on membership. This membership is worth Rs 1000 but being a registered rider, you are granted the membership for FREE.

Please bring – Printed Kora 17 ticket with waiver signed by the rider, pledges or donations and excitement.