The CAUSE | Call for Proposals

Eight years ago, the seed of promoting adventure sport supported crowd sourcing for social good was born in the form of Kathmandu Kora. Over the years with charitable assistance from fellow riders and supporters, Kathmandu Kora was able to complete various projects that brought huge benefits to the local communities. Resources raised from Kora 2011 were used to upgrade schooling facilities at Samata School and OCCED. Subsequent funds were then used, with the technical support of Save the Children Alliance, to upgrade a birthing center at Rukum and a Health Post in Dolakha. Funds contributed to Kora 2013 were used to build a completely new birthing center in Baitadi. Similarly pledges from 2015 was used to build a health post at Makaibari in Dolakha, post the devastating Earthquake. Over the years the cycling fraternity has made its presence felt in local communities. To date, over Rs. 50,00,000 has been invested in social causes.

In 2017, the last edition had over 2500 riders raising over Rs. 500,000 for the Bungamati Trails Initiative – the first ever attempt to create a cycling destination in Nepal! Funds are currently being utilised by the Initiative to build and mark trails, and work on the other requirements of a cycling destination!

Kathmandu Kora 2018 calls for a proposal for a cause to support during the 2018 ride and raise funds through pledges subsequently. We are looking forward for proposals from the cycle fraternity and beyond.

The cause to support could be on any social theme. The approval will be done by a small group of experts from Team Kora – judged on ingenuity, clarity and marketability of the cause.

We expect the pitch to address the following

  • A theme for Kora 2018 cause
  • A brief synopsis of the project you will undertake
  • An introduction to the team or organisation implementing the project
  • Short / Long term benefits for the local community
  • How the funds raised will be used and the time frame for completion of the project.

Deadline for the Proposals: EOD 31st March 2018
Proposals to be sent electronically to:

The Kathmandu Kora 2018 this year is scheduled for 21st July 2018.