The CAUSE | Call for Proposals

Eight years ago, the seed of promoting adventure sport supported crowd sourcing for social good was born in the form of Kathmandu Kora. Over the years with charitable assistance from fellow riders and supporters, Kathmandu Kora was able to complete various projects that brought huge benefits to the local communities. Resources raised from Kora 2011 were used to upgrade schooling facilities at Samata School and OCCED. Subsequent funds were then used, with the technical support of Save the Children Alliance, to upgrade a birthing center at Rukum and a Health Post in Dolakha. Funds contributed to Kora 2013 were used to build a completely new birthing center in Baitadi. Similarly pledges from 2015 was used to build a health post at Makaibari in Dolakha, post the devastating Earthquake. Over the years the cycling fraternity has made its presence felt in local communities. To date, over Rs. 50,00,000 has been invested in social causes.

In 2017, the last edition had over 2500 riders raising over Rs. 500,000 for the Bungamati Trails Initiative – the first ever attempt to create a cycling destination in Nepal! Funds are currently being utilised by the Initiative to build and mark trails, and work on the other requirements of a cycling destination!

Kathmandu Kora 2018 calls for a proposal for a cause to support during the 2018 ride and raise funds through pledges subsequently. We are looking forward for proposals from the cycle fraternity and beyond.

The cause to support could be on any social theme. The approval will be done by a small group of experts from Team Kora – judged on ingenuity, clarity and marketability of the cause.

We expect the pitch to address the following

  • A theme for Kora 2018 cause
  • A brief synopsis of the project you will undertake
  • An introduction to the team or organisation implementing the project
  • Short / Long term benefits for the local community
  • How the funds raised will be used and the time frame for completion of the project.

Deadline for the Proposals: EOD 31st March 2018
Proposals to be sent electronically to:

The Kathmandu Kora 2018 this year is scheduled for 21st July 2018.

#kora17 Stats

Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2017 saw the registration of 2600 rider this year under different categories of rides – 50k, 75k & 100k.  Encouraging side of this year’s registration has been the participation of 233 female riders and two riders riding 100k. The youngest rider of this year is seven years old boy who took 50k challenge.

Here are some stats of #kora17 we have compiled from the registration details from website.

click2win Photography Contest #kora17

You have done the #kora17, now share your memories with us and win a Trinx M800 Majestic bike sponsored by PANC Bikes.

Out of all entries for click2win photography contest, the juries will select outstanding submissions for the contest. Among those, the pictures with MOST LIKES, within a specified date, that is published in Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge Facebook Page will win Trinx M800 bike from PANC bike.

Rules for the competition:

1) The photographs or videos should be of Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2017

2) A maximum of three photographs or videos per entry is allowed

3) Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge reserves the right to use the photographs as and when they deem necessary with due credit to the photographer.

4) Plagiarism will not be tolerated and such entries will be disqualified with no further explanation.

5) The decision of the Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge committee shall be final and no enquiries will be entertained.

Submit your entries at ride[at] by not later than 23rd July 2017.


TRINX M800 Majestic Specification:

  • 26″*17″ Alloy Special shaped tube
  • Alloy hydraulic Lock-out travel: 70mm
  • Shimano Altus SL-M370
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  • SR sport
  • Trinx Hi-Ten steel oversize fat


Final List of Lucky Draw Winners


The following riders had been selected in a lucky draw and won gifts from PANC Bikes & Haul Apparel Nepal.


  1. Riding Jacket
    1. Ankit Mehata, Reg# 634785045
    2. Swati Pujari, Reg# 642139665
    3. Niraj Shrestha, Reg# 645788470
  2. Swat Light for MTB
    1. Sambad Bidari, Reg# 634240730
    2. Angila Khadka, Reg# 629900817
    3. Niken Pradhan, Reg# 645696749
  3. Wolfbase Mobile Holder
    1. Liesbeth Segaar, Reg# 646200620
    2. Dipak Shrestha, Reg# 639890103
  4. Speaker Light
    1. Sanjay Maharjan, Reg# 645647096

Please collect your gifts from PANC Bikes, Kantipath and do not forget to take your registration ticket and NCA membership card along with you.


  1. T-shirts
    1. Rupesh Manandhar, Reg# 648333052
    2. Shristi Tamrakar, Reg# 645776567

Please collect your gifts from socialtours, Tridevi Marg, Thamel and do not forget to take your registration ticket and NCA membership card along with you.

Congratulations to all the winners once again. See you at kora17 and ride safe.

Kora Inspiration | 500kms Ride from Pokhara

Kathmandu Kora  Cycling Challenge has become a platform for every kind of riders to take a challenge in every possible way. Riding a unicycle to 7 year old kid taking a challenge of 50k in Kora 2016. Most of the rider has gone beyond their limit or broken personal record during the challenge.

Similar inspirations come from all over the nation that we cannot wait to share with the riding community.

Mr. Lok Thapa who is 53 years old had come all the way from Pokhara in his bike riding 200kms to participate in Kora 2016. He set off his ride on Friday morning, riding 200+kms to Kathmandu and took a challenge to ride 100k the next day. Without any sign of tiredness in his face and energetic as it is, he completed 100k and went back to Pokhara next day riding 200kms again.

We cannot imagine his energy level how he could ride 500+kms in just three days consecutively at his age! Wow! He is someone who we need to get inspired and motivated.

He is back again for 100k this year in Kora 2017.

Press Conference | 12.07.17 – Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2017

The Press Conference for the Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2017, supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Kathmandu, will be held at the Cycle Restro in Jamal, Kathmandu on the 12th July, Wednesday at 17:00hrs.

At the Press Conference, the invited media will be appraised about the event, its history, the Bungamati Trails Initiative which is the cause this year, and what will be done with the funds collected. There will also be a briefing highlighting the route, safety on the trail, and how the organisers and supporters foresee the future of this event – the biggest cycling event in Nepal.

The Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge started in 2011 with a mere 35 riders and now brings together over 2000 riders every year to ride loops (kora) of Kathmandu valley that is 50kms, 75kms and 100kms, as a personal riding challenge and to raise Rs. 100 for each kilometer cycled. Over the years, the event has raised and invested over 45 lakhs in upgrading health facilities, building new ones and in education.

This year, it aims to another first – helping the Bungamati Trails Initiative – a community led effort to bring cycling tourism into Bungamati and Khokana, to help reconstruction efforts and rebuilding with pride. When successful, this will be the first ever effort in Nepal to professionally organise and manage a cycling destination and will serve as an example for other similar destinations.

The event is organised by socialtours and co-organsied by Cycle City Network Nepal and supported by a host of private and public organisations and individuals.

For further information, please contact or call 4412508.


The KORA CAUSE | Why it is important?

Every year the KORA has a particular cause that we try to raise funds for. Over the years, we have donated to schools, orphanages, and then for five years in a row, worked in health – specifically women health – helping upgrade facilities in Rukum and build facilities in Baitadi and Dolakha.

This year, we are looking to serve CYCLING through cyclists. Bungamati and Khokana were devastated by the earthquake. One way to bring reconstruction with pride would be to bring cycling tourism in.

Accordingly, earlier this year the Bungamati Trails Initiative was born – a group of nine committee members from different clubs in Bungamati committed to work on this initiative. The plan – maintain and mark out all trails around the area to make it easy for riders, all categories to come enjoy the trails in Bungamati and Khokana. Bringing cycling tourism to help raise income levels in this beautiful area and preserving the rich cultural heritage and allowing locals to reconstruct with pride! Your contribution of course make a difference. Tag, share this to your friends and family and raise Rs. 100 for each km you ride during the Kora.


PANC Bikes Lucky Draw Winner | 4th July

Announcing the second set of lucky winners of exciting gifts from PANC Bikes.



  1. Swat Light – Prajwal Amatya, Reg no 645554467
  2. Helmet – Eva Shakya, Reg no 645130617
  3. Jacket – Sameer Tamang, Reg no 644554616
  4. Jacket – Bipen Nepal, Reg no 634144209
  5. Jacket – Nirvik Maskey, Reg no 636313143
  6. Jacket – Aju Dangol, Reg no. 635543301

Congratulations to all the lucky winners. The winners should collect their gifts from PANC Bikes located in Kantipath, Jamal