• #kora17 Stats

    #kora17 Stats

    Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2017 saw the registration of 2600 rider this year under different categories of rides – 50k, 75k & 100k.  Encouraging side of this year’s registration has been the participation of 233 female riders and two riders riding 100k. The youngest rider of this year is seven years old boy who took

  • click2win Photography Contest #kora17

    click2win Photography Contest #kora17

    You have done the #kora17, now share your memories with us and win a Trinx M800 Majestic bike sponsored by PANC Bikes. Out of all entries for click2win photography contest, the juries will select outstanding submissions for the contest. Among those, the pictures with MOST LIKES, within a specified date, that is published in Kathmandu Kora

  • Final List of Lucky Draw Winners

    Final List of Lucky Draw Winners

    Congratulations! The following riders had been selected in a lucky draw and won gifts from PANC Bikes & Haul Apparel Nepal. PANC BIKES Riding Jacket Ankit Mehata, Reg# 634785045 Swati Pujari, Reg# 642139665 Niraj Shrestha, Reg# 645788470 Swat Light for MTB Sambad Bidari, Reg# 634240730 Angila Khadka, Reg# 629900817 Niken Pradhan, Reg# 645696749 Wolfbase Mobile

  • Lucky Winner Haul Apparel T-shirt | 11 July

    Lucky Winner Haul Apparel T-shirt | 11 July

    Congratulations! Suyesha Sthapit, Reg# 642043238 Mohit Maharjan, Reg# 641506348 Prajwal Sharma, Reg# 647032747 You have won the tees from Haul Apparel in a lucky draw. Come to our office socialtourshttp://www.socialtours.com in Tridevi Marg, Thamel to collect your gift. Please come along with a hard copy of registration ticket when you visit. Socialtours is open 09:00

  • Design for Jersey

    Design for Jersey

    Riders! If you are willing to print your own jersey for #kora17, we have prepared a design for you. Download the template in PDF here. Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge logo here #kora17 logo download here

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